Bloodrose by Cassidy Raindance ARC


Get it here: For US or For UK

This book was absolutely awesome! A complete page turner from start to finish, I found myself completely enraptured as I read the story, consistently unable to put the book down.


In this sort of story you kind of expect the love triangle type of relationship to be over quickly but in this book, over time, it sort of develops into anger, bitterness and jealousy instead – What a fucking shock that is. (Note: Sarcasm alert.)
I’ll start you with our quartet: Prussia has been with Robert for years, but he’s cheating on her with Lydia. Sebastian loved Lydia but started seeing Prussia, Prussia supposedly loves Robert but keeps forming a relationship with Sebastian as he begins to fall away from Lydia. As he professes love for Prussia, she feels she cannot and will not reciprocate…And lets face it, Lydia’s a manipulative slut who opens her legs for anyone.
Anyway, throughout the story, we witness the many poor decisions of our female lead, Prussia; you really want to whack her with a shovel at some points in the story. Why oh why can you not just act like a smart woman?!
On the brighter side, Sebastian is an amazing character, in fact, he and Victoria (his grandmother) really made this story SO much better. I loved the way Sebastian behaved, his nature and his background. There was so much to this story that it had to be pretty fast paced as to cover everything.
Lydia was the perfect villain, in this story, you just needed someone to hate! We even had her POV at some points in the novel, documenting her twisted feelings and actions. Showing how she manipulated those around her into doing her bidding and at times, I was practically gripping the edge of my seat to find out what she was going to do next…

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