Random Acts Of Fantasy by Julia Kent

ARC given for an honest review – thankyou Julia Kent!
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You ever really think that you’ll win the lottery? Meet Mr. Right? How about two Mr. Rights? 

Somehow the universe is handing me everything I want (except for that lottery part…), and I don’t like it. Not one little bit. Because just when you get all your dreams handed to you on a silver platter, that’s when an airplane dumps its sewage on your house. Or your mama’s diabetes takes a bad turn. Or your mobile phone gets stuck in your hoohaw. 

(What? It happens…) 

Boring old average me got everything I wanted already, moving from small-town Ohio to big-city Boston to follow my heart. So when the fancy invitation offering me a pile of money to come with the band, Random Acts of Crazy, to perform on an island resort and be their manager arrived, I thought it was a cosmic joke. Enough money to help my mama get what she needed, five days in sunny paradise, and a shot at greatness for the band? Unreal. One big shoe was waiting to drop. On my head. 

Just like no one really ever finds a naked man wearing only a guitar standing by the side of the road hitchhiking and ends up falling in love with him and his friend and moving halfway across the country for true love, no one gets an invitation to come to what turns out to be a resort where people make what me and Joe and Trevor do together look like a chaste peck on the cheek. But… 


I guess these things do happen. 

To me.
Quick Review!
I absolutely loved this book! It was like a breath of fresh air when you’ve been in a smoky room for the entire night – there were some funny moments but what really got to me about this one was how unique the story line is. It’s been a very long time since I’ve read something that appeared so original and not based around the same sort of crap.

The writing was absolutely fantastic, it held me captivated from beginning to end – I didn’t even take a lunch break. I found this one had a lot less sexual stuff in than the first book and I found it quite intriguing that the characters in this story didn’t pretend to only ever look at their spouse, they noticed other people were attractive – but thankfully, they didn’t act on their attraction to others (that would’ve been going too far, not cool!) and half the time, the people they found attractive were vapid or crazy.

I loved the parts of the book after they got to the island, the part of the book where people usually split up (70% in) well, lets just say that twist was pretty interesting, especially when they thought she was a trans-sexual. I have to admit I had a moment of genuine panic for her.

I have to recommend this to everyone, it was awesome!



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