Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour #3) by Olivia Cunning (including spoilers….You’re welcome.)


This book was sexy time a million times over

Their First time together *fans self dramatically*

Okay, so anyway, I have to start by saying this book was a real roller coaster for me (one I would ride again and again) with minor fall outs, rearranging of the band and then a worse drama… Jace is shot

But he’s okay.

Then reluctantly Jace allows Mistress V/Aggie on tour with him for the next month to Canada and they have a complete emotional overhaul…

…Jace is feeling like:

…And Aggie feels like this:

And when he reveals all his secrets to her and we finally understand him, he’s like:


<spoiler>The tour bus crashes on the ice roads and splits in half</spoiler>

I cant say any more or it will give everything away (even though I did a few mini spoilers…Sorry.)



Jace and Aggie: Awe, their relationship developed quickly but it was  a really sweet love story for them

Sed,Jess,Brian,Myrna: I just love them, their relationships are great but also really added to the story

Eric and Trey: I feel sorry  for them, I love them though. Trey deserves a happy relationship and it makes me sad when I see him mooning over Brian (I’m glad I read double time though;)

Eric wants what they have, I know he finds it in Rebeckah in the final book but watching him be envious of Aggie and Jace was sad.


Plot and writing: Fantastic, no bad grammar, repetition, none of the stuff that annoys me, it was fluent. The plot was spectacular just with all of O.Cs books, it was 800+ pages PDF, read in 6 hours, completely worth it! all the twists and turns made a truly great book.

Steamy-sexy-yumminess:  Fuck me sideways on a Sunday, this was hot!! It was so hot in fact, I’m surprised the whole book didn’t spontaneously combust.

To Finish off, heres what my Jace would look like if he didn’t bleach his hair.



    1. I have to agree considering they were released in the wrong order (If I remember right it was 1,2,5,4,3) so parts were a little confusing, but I’m a re-reader so on the second read through of the series it made a little more sense. 🙂

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