Jason and Keanne by Marian Tee



I dont have time for a comprehensive review for today so I’m just going to give you as much of my opinion as I can…
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 Well, I’ve read I think 4 Marian Tee books now and I like each more than the last – firstly I read Nick and Lilac and there were many parts of the book I didn’t like – like an overall lack of respect for her. I felt this theme somewhat carried on and that’s why I gave the book 4 stars rather than 5.
 When I was reading this book (it only took about 2.5hours ’cause it was relatively short) I really felt for Keanne, her feelings were very much disregarded and she was pushed aside repeatedly for Jason to pander to Lilacs needs – even though Lilac doesn’t really want him around. Supposedly Keanne was his girl..And he wouldn’t admit to anyone they were going steady because she didn’t really mean all that much to him. If she had, he never would have pushed her into the arms of the foreign prince (I REALLY want to read his story!!) 
I think the reason I rated this book so highly was that I really connected with Keanne as a character and felt a lot of empathy for her position and I liked that she had her heart on her sleave, to a point, but then it seemed as though she had no pride at all towards the end… When she finally got done with him, I was practically cheering, like FINALLY!!!

I wanted to hit Jason…In the face! I mean seriously, did he have to be such an utter douche? Well, I guess that would make sense considering her twin was exactly the same.

I found Marians writing in this book much more interesting than I did in the first book, I was more engaged in the writing and I didn’t find myself getting distracted, it – for me me – was a real page turner.

Luckily, the editing in this book was also good too.


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