Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain 6) by Kristen Ashley & Teaser

Thank you to Forever Publishing for the ARC – All views are my own.
How quick can a plane take me to Colorado to meet my own mountain man? 😀 


Rating: ✪✪✪

 I had to sleep on this review (twice) to make sure I said what I thought without being misinterpreted.

This first 10% of this book for me was fantastic, interesting and moved at a good pace, however, for probably the next 40% I was desperately trying to hurry it along. Luckily, the second half of this book picked up it’s pace and a lot more stuff happened.

 I don’t want people to mistake that for saying I didn’t like 40% of the book, I did actually enjoy it all, it just lacked the usual K.A pizzazz in my opinion – or I was in a grumpy mood and that’s why I got a little bored – which is entirely possible. I felt for these final 2 books, they deviated from the general K.A. themes we all loved and they weren’t as drama filled. 

I loved the story line for this book, I’m not going to type it all out as I usually would since it’s an ARC and I don’t want to spoil it all for everyone who hasn’t had a chance to read it. I really loved Decker and I was SO thankful this book didn’t have main characters named after food (last time I was eating cookies and ham almost constantly for over a week.)
The editing/ grammar/ spelling in this book was great, the way Kristen wrote was very engaging and kept the reader hooked in. There was a good level of “Oh! Did I seriously just read what I thought I just read?!” I love those moments.

 Part of me felt so much pity for her kidnapper – the original one, I know, I was reading like, “How can I feel sorry for this guy?” but I couldn’t feel angry with him, you could feel his remorse, his pain, and I just felt such immense sorrow for him, seriously, poor guy, now making an effort. 

Anyway, I don’t know what else I can possibly tell you without giving away the plot and ruining the story for you:
Oh wait… For everyone who said the last book was too short, you will LOVE this! It’s like 100 ePUB pages longer!! 
And now…The reason you’re all here…


“Disconnecting. Again.”
He interrupted me again. “See, babe,
for some reason I cannot get a lock on,
you’re clueless. One minute, you’re 
sweet, so fuckin’ sweet, swear to Christ,
Emme, don’t know what I did in my life
to deserve that kind of sweet. Perfect for
me, top to toe, brain and body, free and
easy givin’ me not just everything I want
but everything I need.”

I sucked in a sharp breath as his
words hit me hard in my sternum.
Jacob must not have noticed my
reaction because he kept speaking.

“The next minute, you’re sharin’ your
past with me, workin’ it out in your
head, tellin’ me how you understand that
guy who snatched you scarred you. Then
the next minute, back to clueless, and out
of the blue you’re slippin’ away. You
don’t see it happen, feel it happen, even
know you’re doin’ it. But I feel it. I
don’t get how you don’t get it when you
fuckin’ told me you got it. And last, I
don’t know how to fix it, and when it
happens, it kills. So I gotta be on the
lookout for everything,” he leaned in,
“every-fucking-thing you could use to
tear yourself away from me. So yeah,
Elsbeth called, she seemed to be pulling
her shit together, I took the meet and I
didn’t tell you about it precisely because
of this. Because you’d use it to tear
yourself away from me.”

Again, I had no response. This time
because everything he said was right and
I was freaked because I didn’t know
why I was so clueless, how I didn’t get
it and I also didn’t know how to fix it.


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