Knowing Jack by Rachel Curtis ARC

Thankyou to the author for my ARC


I’m honestly sorry to say I didn’t really like this book, I know some of my followers would enjoy it and I hate to be this kid:
To make you feel better, here’s my idea of what Jack looks like naked…You’re welcome.
This is my Chloe just to give you an idea of how cute they’d be together:
Honestly, when reading this book there was just so much, “I love you…I hate you…No, no he cant have you, but I don’t want you either” It drove me mad. I’ll give y’all the plot:
Girl meets boy (who happens to be her teacher – he used her and then got the sack and everyone hated her.) then her father hires a bodyguard because she refuses to move schools. A facebook hate page is made about her and she’s sent threats. Along comes Jack, he thinks this is just a fluff case that he won’t have to do anything but he’s haunted by the fact he once slept with a client and she got killed… When they meet up – instant attraction
Then they go on this whole trip of sleeping together and rejection, moving on and getting back together, hell I can’t imagine how they felt, but for me, just reading was exhausting.
Anyway, the positives:
It was written well, fluent and mainly error free which always makes me happy; 
There was a fair amount of  real drama towards the end.
Not so positives:
The angst between them
Practical insta-love
The fact Jack seriously annoys me, he’s too into himself
Chloe’s shitty decisions.
I just couldn’t deal with it, it annoyed me so badly at some point s that I wanted to throw it across a room. I know a lot of people will actually like the book, unfortunately, it just isn’t for me.

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