Three Broken Promises (Drew & Fable #3) by Monica Murphy

Thankyou to Bantam Dell for the ARC!

Rating: Easily ✪✪✪

When I started this book, I was apprehensive. I loved the first 2 Drew + Fable books however, when I read the Billionaire’s series, I didn’t really like them at all if I’m honest, I just didn’t gel with them and I knew it was either going to be hit or miss with this book, there was really no in between.

So, when I got to the first few pages and I saw the names Jen and Colin, I’m thinking…Who?

But then I got into it and realized it was cute restaurant guy with a huge thing for his favourite waitress.

They’ve known each other since childhood when they were close, but now big secrets hold them both apart.

Living together but barely speaking, Jen is going crazy. She’s in love with him, but is concerned he feels nothing back. While he finds her immensely attractive, he thinks she sees him as nothing but a brother figure.

Jen decides she can no longer live with Colin with him not feeling the same for her so we enter the first chapter with her getting a butterfly tattoo in preparation for her getting freedom from him and her family.

Sacremento. That’s where she’s heading, but with no solid plan in place, after giving her notice or 1 month in to Colin, she’s in a race to get a place to live and a job…Easier said than done.

Throughout the book, Jen and Colin dance around one another, end up having sex together – Enter Colin’s gambling debt ridden father…And along with him, comes Jen’s secret.

When Jens secret is revealed – – she finds herself cast aside by Colin, him no longer wanting anything to do with her… Until she’s already gone the day later. He basically called her a whore.

Now she’s in Sacramento, she thinks things will start to get better for her, but no. Alas, Jen is just that unlucky. Her new room mate and her almost-live-in boyfriend are bat shit crazy idiots.

The first night, The boyfriend attempts to force himself on Jennifer and when she screams, the new room mate kicks her out. Without refunding the money she paid to live there for the month. Stating that her boyfriend is a “Sex addict” And that she was dressed like a slut….Right, that makes it okay then? No, the boyfriend is just a dirty little pervert.

So that is how Jen finds herself on the the streets in the middle of the night with a suitcase and nothing more. From there, you’ll just have to read.


Characters: Colin and Jen were amazing characters, it was so easy to connect to them! I didn’t much like either of their families, and realistically, I want to punch Colins father in the nuts.

Writing: Pretty good. Easy to read, kept me hooked. No horrible grammar.

Romance: Hot, steamy and jeez, I hate to say it but painful!


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