Torn From You by Nashoda Rose Review

Thank you to the author for giving me an ARC! 
This book was seriously fantastic….
You guys have all read Captive In The Dark by C.J. Roberts, right? The first 300 pages reminded me so much of that book! 
Realistically, that first 300 pages (out of 850 after I converted to PDF) made me absolutely despise Logan. I wanted to punch him repeatedly. BUT….Yep, luckily, there’s a but to this, he made up for it.
When I got past that first 3rd of the book and Logan came back trying to get back with her, I may have somewhat softened towards him. The fact Deck – who is a stand up guy…And a straight up idiot where Georgie is concerned – was on his side telling her he respected Logan for what happened after she was helped to escape made me give him more of an opportunity to win back my trust.
Before anyone gives me that raised brow of ME forgiving him? Yes, I lived the the book for 6 hours. He needed to earn back some trust and likability.
Anyway, I loved it all, right up until the end when he didn’t, even then, tell her what was done to him after she was rescued. 
During the 2nd half of the book, there’s a subplot going on with Kat and Ream (He’s a tool if I ever knew one.)
Long story short, Kat gets shot, he stays for 4 days ’til he knows she’s not dying, then he goes and picks up a new woman and brings her home to Kats welcome home (from the hospital) party. At that point, he completely lost my respect – or what little he managed to siphon of it. What a complete and utter douche-bag.
Characters: Wonderful. Even those I loved to hate…Oh and there was plenty to hate, but they were portrayed fantastically.
Writing: Brilliant, I couldn’t fault it. No disjointed sentences, no horrible spelling ect.
Steaminess: There was a lot of sex at the beginning which was rapey/not rapey/ I’m not all too sure really. The final 3rd of the book included a fair bit of steamy stuff too, not rape-like in any way.
Romance/connection: It was palpable, you could really feel Eme/Mouse’s emotions, the way Logan begged forgiveness so many times showed his sincerity, he did nice things for her later in the book, protected her and so on…
Overall, a great first novel for Noshoda Rose! 5 Stars! 

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