I Will Love You For 1000 Years by Garrett Carkos Review Tour

I Will Love You For 1000 Years
by Garrett Carkos 
Genre: Romance (Coming of Age)
Tour Organizer: N K Author Services
A summer romance by a lake turns to forever love. He was born with a gold spoon in his mouth. She was born deaf. Yet, somehow they knew they had found their soul mates. At the end of summer, they blew kisses across the lake, not knowing if they would ever meet again. Years later, they did. The world was their oyster as they traveled the world in style. Their journey of self discovery had them running with the bulls in Pamplona and even enduring the Camino de Santiago, a 700 mile hike known as ‘the way’. They had it all. Everyone said they were the happiest and most beautiful couple in the world. Then during a routine Christmas visit back home in Manhattan, everything changed. One would survive. The other wouldn’t.
Rating: 4.5 Stars.
We’ll start with my complaint, since there’s only one. I’d have liked it to be longer, but, obviously since it’s advertised as a short story, it’s not as though I can actually complain about that –  I knew what I was getting into.
This story is sob-worthy. There’s so much to it for such a small book. They meet as teens, and throughout the summers, they see each other on opposite sides of the lake. This was their first love, lost and found story that really will pluck at your heart strings. I loved that even though she’d grown deaf throughout the years they had known one another, she still managed to keep playing piano – to the point she was a concert pianist. She held onto her dream despite a huge issue that could hold back even the strongest person.
The story was well written and engaging, I got hooked in from beginning to end and it was well worth the 45 minutes it took to read. 
Due to the length, there’s really not much else I can say without it being spoilerific. And that would completely negate the purpose of you reading it.
My father was Greek, my step-mother was Italian. I was born in Amsterdam, a product of one of my fathers indiscretions, which should explain why my moral compass is stuck on ‘it’s ok’.
My family was in the shipping business worldwide. My early years were mostly in Europe and South America. Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil mostly. Living a life of privilege was my heritage, but never realized it until we moved to America.
My teen years were spent in California where I graduated from Beverly Hills High School. Then it was off to Las Vegas and UNLV where I received my degree in marketing. From there, I was off to NYU where I received my degree in journalism.
I apprenticed at NBC for one year as a copy writer, but the chaos of living in Manhattan and the drudgery of touching up field reporters notes were just too much. I disliked cold weather anyway, so I jetted back to Hollywood and went to work in the family business, Carkos Global, as Director of Acquisitions.
It was in Morocco that I first began writing short stories. At first, I thought of it more as a journal or dairy, a way of keeping track of my escapades, but somewhere along the way I discovered I had a knack for erotica and began ghost writing for men’s magazines.
I’ve written over three hundred short stories and published many of them online. Basically, any online publishing site I could find, hey…I slapped something up.
I tend to write things that men can read while getting a haircut, women under hair dryers, factory workers on bathroom breaks, or curious teens behind the garage.
Where my father focused on building his empire, mother was very passionate about the arts; music, painting, opera, sculpting, literature…without which the world would be all vanilla with no toppings.
In my latest story, “I Will Love You For A Thousand Years” I mention hearing Shakespeare from my moms smoky lips (she was a chain smoker) while sitting for hours in the Louve in Paris staring at the masters. I had no clue at eight years old what she saw, or what she was saying, but felt it was important so I soaked it up with my chin in my hands.
My inspiration comes from anything: a sight, a sound, a smell, a neatly turned phrase I hear on TV, kids playing in a park, or simply draw something from my real life and suddenly, I have a story.
I am currently single and living the life in the greatest city in the world. What happens here, stays here…as it should.

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