Not Everyone Is Going To Like You.

Straight up honestly, I really don’t care about other peoples opinions of me or the things I say – just thought I’d get that out of the way first.

Sometimes when writing book reviews, they WILL be negative. As an author if you cannot handle people disliking your work then you shouldn’t publish books. You either grow a thick skin or you don’t bother in the first place. Reviews are not for authors, they’re for other readers.

Recently I’ve been reviewing specifically indie books on Goodreads and just to address people who seem to think using fake accounts to comment negative things on my reviews will make me change my review or rating, you’re sorely mistaken. There is not one chance in hell that will ever happen.

Most recently – today in fact, the review which prompted this post was a 3* super short, unoffensive review of a book I found pretty mediocre. I said that the speech didn’t flow and it sounded like someone from a different country putting on a fake accent to pretend to be from here. I also said the editing wasn’t good, but the plot was pretty neat. It makes no difference to me the author is from that country, it still sounded wrong when it was put into the situation. Supposedly, a fake account takes issue with this…Seriously. This is then followed by the author making a comment. The fake accounts comment is snarky and absolutely obviously the author pretending to be someone else. This would usually just make me roll my eyes but it got me to thinking, “Why? Why would you take the time out of your day to make a comment on a review that’s not even negative, but still didn’t like your book?”

The answer: Pressure.

The author/ fake account wants the person who wrote the review to feel bad that they didn’t like the book or give it 4/5 stars.  For some reviewers, this would be enough to have them remove the title from their read list and remove their review. However, for me, I just find it makes me irritated and I have no plans to remove my review. I interacted with the fake account once to give her my opinion, however, if the matter continues, the false users comments will simply be removed. Other people may put up with this crap, but I will not.

There have been a lot of indie authors lately doing this to reviewers on goodreads/Amazon and quite frankly, I’m sick of it. If you dont like my review as you think it’s incorrect, read the book yourself and leave a review of it. Don’t come at me with childish sh*t like fake accounts and an attempt at cyber bullying or I WILL put you in your place.

Thus concludes my irritated semi-rant semi- FYI


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