The Dirty Blonde by Tim Smith Review Tour

The Dirty Blonde (Vic Fallon book 3)
by Tim Smith
Genre: Romantic Mystery
Publisher: Extasy Books
Former cop Vic Fallon is content to live in Sandusky, Ohio on his disability settlement and take the occasional private eye job when he isn’t fishing. He doesn’t really want to get involved in a missing persons case, but when Amy Bergen comes to town from Tennessee looking for her estranged husband who’s avoiding divorce court, Vic is instantly taken in by her southern charm and agrees to help her. His search brings him in contact with a local gangster wannabe, a crooked cop and a gambling syndicate. When another woman shows up claiming to be the missing man’s wife, the case takes a bizarre turn. Can Vic find the wayward husband before all of his wives catch up with him? Will his feelings for Amy develop into something more than professional?
4.5 Stars!
I read this book maybe 2-3 weeks ago and I often like to mull over reviews, with this book, much mulling was necessary. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the book – quite the opposite in fact. The problem I had was deciding WHY I liked the book so much when in the same breath it frustrated me to no end.
I will start by saying – I absolutely loved the characters. Vic and Amy were a fantastic leading couple. There were so many characters I was gunning for – such as her husband, the new women and pretty much half of the people in the book. I don’t know if it’s that I’m suspicious by nature or that it was just a pretty obvious plot line but I figured out the majority of the information prior to it being “solved” in the story. For me, that didn’t really detract from the actual finding out and resolving of each part of the plot when I got to read it because just as you think you’re going to get a resolution…PLOT TWIST.
The ending of the book was really interesting, I quite enjoyed what could be classed as a raid/covert mission and it kept my glued to each page for maybe the last 2 chapters. I found it hilarious when the husband said he was “in love” with all the women – you don’t even want to know how many, Ill leave you to read that for yourselves…Seriously, he clearly had NO idea what so ever what love was, he was an idiot. How he managed to get one over on him wife CONSTANTLY for YEARS is absolutely beyond me. I mean, you didn’t think it was fishy your husband was away so much? That he was aggressive now when he wasn’t before, seemingly out of thin air? Smacks of a guilty conscience to me. Yes… Pun intended.
Anyway, moving swiftly on from me wanting to cyber-slap Amy for the way she acted before the story started… The writing was of a high standard. It was well edited and the characters developed very well throughout the book. Watching people grow within themselves and becoming stronger/ better or just changing in a positive way is something I look for in a book. I appreciated that in this book both leading characters had a lot of development, rather than a childish relationship full of point scoring.
Meet Tim Smith
Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author whose books range from romantic mystery/thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He is also a freelance photographer. When he isn’t pursuing those two passions he can often be found in the Florida Keys, indulging his passion for parasailing between research and seeking out the perfect Mojito. His website

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