Monthly Updates – September

Hi guys!

Okay so I know I do a lot of blog tours, we also have quite a few up for next month, but because of that, I’m actually going to try and make a specific page on our blog where tours, without reviews will go to. This will then clear up a lot of post space and it’ll mean that I can easily remove them post-tour if I want to.

Next, I have a series of ARC to review for you guys, this month it’s a few self published authors and one larger author. I’m going to see if I can get any more higher profile ARCs for late October/ early November (like I used to, hence some earlier posts.)

Aside from this, on September 29th Locke by Harper Sloane is released – expect a review of that on the 30th. There have been a few books out this month that I’ll be reviewing. On Sept 25th, I should have up my review of Deacon by Kristen Ashley  – spoiler, it was freaking fantastic.

Obviously, Becks birthday is on Oct 1st so I’ll be putting up a giveaway for a few things then.

xxoo Cerys


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